All About JunNov Naturals

We launched JunNov Naturals, May 2022. My husband and I have had sensitive skin for years.  Last year after retiring from 20 years of Military service. He asked me "Why don't you begin to make your own products"?  Between you and I, I did not take him seriously. However, I quickly found myself reading about essential oils, plants, and herbs. Testing the aromas and benefits they had on different skin types.  The more I read the more I began to test different combinations of essential oils, flowers, and herbs. 

We are so proud to start this next chapter in our lives.  Our Mission is to provide All-Natural skin care, and aroma therapy products. Our Customers not only need but love. Our product collections include skin care and scented candles.  Let me not forget accessories and products that empower and promote a healthier lifestyle.

We will continue to promote embracing healtier bodies and vibrations one scent at a time. Our goal is to provide all natural products that our customers will love.

JunNov Naturals takes pride in being women and veteran owned.