Scents and Rooms
Have you ever walked into a room and quickly wanted to back right out? Or experienced the subtleness of a winter cool scent gently taking over your senses. The soothing aroma of warm Vanilla Sugar or the relaxing scent of lavender. So many scents have the ability to completely transform the energy of a room. They can bring back intense memories, invite feelings of warmth and comfort. While reminding us to simply take some time to relax and release. Whatever kind of energy you’re trying to capture in a room, you can do it with a candle. If you’re anything like me, you might prefer different spaces in your home to have a certain energy. For example, I keep my bedroom calm and soothing for the best of sleep. However, when it comes to the living room, I’m all about integrating bold colors to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Every room in a home has its own distinct personality and function — so why shouldn’t it also have its own scent?

That said, you shouldn’t use just any old candle. Most conventionally made candles are made of paraffin wax and other synthetic ingredients that emit toxins when burned. JunNov Naturals, candles are made from plant-based waxes and essential oils are not only more sustainable, but they emit a slightly subtler scent that enhances a room rather than take it over. Burning natural candles (like ours!) can define the energy of a room. During the next couple of weeks, we will guide you through which scents to use in every space of your home. Through JunNov Naturals Blog! Yes, we will be taking you on a journey of scents and memories.

We bring you truly natural, cruelty free space of mind. That provide results you can see and smell.

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