Everything You Need to Know About Soy Wax-Scented Candles

You must have heard soy wax candles are the best choice for brightening your residence or

office with an extraordinary fragrance, but how much do you know about soy wax candles? Soy

candles have thrived in rage over the years as the industry has sought out a more sustainable,

safer, and environmentally friendly alternative over the conventional paraffin wax candle that

once monopolized candle manufacturing. Buying Hand Poured Soy wax candles Online is the

best option available for buying quality candles.

But before you make a purchase We are trying to give you an overall idea about soy

wax-scented candles.

First of all, What is soy wax?

Soy wax is a wax made from the oil of soybeans which means pure vegetable wax. During the

hydrogenation of soy oil, some of the fatty acids go from unsaturated to saturated to raise the

oil's melting point, so it's solid at room temperature. This solid fatty acid is known as Soy wax.

The next question is: How is this wax used in candles?

This wax tends to come in three forms.

100% soy wax: This is the preferred type of wax for your candles because it only contains soy

wax. You can find 100% Soy-based Candle Online from sites like junnovnaturals.com.

Oil and Soy mix: Some companies will add a few natural oils to their wax, one of the most

popular is coconut oil.

Paraffin and Soy mix: traditional paraffin wax is not a clean-burning wax and has many harmful

attributes, so blending it with clean-burning soy wax cancels out many of the advantages of

using soy. Some candle companies do this to provide Cheap Custom scented candles, but the

savings isn't worth it.

What are the advantages of soy wax candles,?

It's environmental-friendly

Soy wax candles are eco-friendly and carbon-neutral, meaning it brings net-zero carbon dioxide


It burns very slowly

Soy wax candles also naturally burn slower than other types of wax, so they will last longer.

It generates a clean burn

Soy wax candles are also clean-burning candles. they'll burn with very little or no toxins from


It is a 100% vegan product

Soy/wax isn't derived from a living animal, so it's a 100% vegan product. Soy wax gives you a

sustainable and healthier wax while also being vegan.

It is very quick to clean up

It is also a big concern. Your candle holder won't get damaged as it is easy to remove.

Another point to remember while buying soy wax candles?

Of course, it should be made of 100% soy wax, you must ensure that your soy candles meet

extra specifications so you can get the best quality candle available.

Pure Cotton Wicks: You must make sure the candle wicks you burn are made of pure cotton

with no metal inside.

Zero Color: Colored candles might look nice, but the pigments used to produce various shades

tend to contain toxic ingredients.

Natural Aroma: An additional point to consider is the type of aroma added to your soy wax


Where can I buy good soy wax candles?

There are many soy wax candle companies available that provide Cheap Custom scented

candles, but at junnovnaturals.com, we are committed to providing a wide selection of

nontoxic toxic scented candles crafted with high-quality ingredients, to curtail toxic emissions

while giving you the aroma you love.

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